Maralyn on the Issues


Senator Maralyn Chase believes health care is a basic human right. Government should work to improve our overall health, while assuring access to high-quality, affordable care for everyone. Patients must have the right to access and choice between all lawful medical treatment options, without hindrance by institutions exercising religious doctrine.


Senator Maralyn Chase has long supported and promoted a “single-payer” model that creates comprehensive coverage for all Washingtonians, from preventive care to long-term care, prescription medications, and mental health services. In the State Senate, Maralyn is proud to sponsor SB 5957, which seeks to establish a single-payer model that will ensure fair prices from drug companies and make strategic health care investments in communities across the state based on accountability and outcomes, not profits. Senator Maralyn Chase is also proud to have been a sponsor of SB 6219, also known as the “Reproductive Parity Act,” which ensures equal access to all health care options for women.



Senator Maralyn Chase is a champion on environmental issues, and has brought communities together across the state to combat climate change because she knows that protecting our environment isn’t an isolated issue. It affects all aspects of our society, from poverty to women’s health to immigration reform.


In the State Senate, Maralyn Chase is proud to have been a sponsor of SB 6086 which will phase out Atlantic salmon net-pen farming by 2025 after an escape last August from Cooke Aquaculture Pacific’s Atlantic salmon farm at Cypress Island led to as many as 263,000 fish accidentally being released into the Salish Sea. She also helped pass incentives for electric vehicles and investment in the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure.



Senator Maralyn Chase believes that where you’re from, where you live, or how much money you have shouldn’t determine if you receive a quality education. As a society, we all benefit from a high quality education system and we must make it a priority to ensure every child in Washington has access to quality public schools from early learning to higher education.


Senator Maralyn Chase is proud to have been a sponsor of SB 6003, also known as the “Breakfast after the Bell” bill which will help many schools provide a nutritious breakfast to hungry children who can’t get to school early enough for other breakfast programs. Senator Maralyn Chase is also proud to have been a sponsor of SB 6029 which establishes a Student Loan Bill of Rights to help students manage student loan responsibilities and debt.


Voting Rights

Senator Maralyn Chase believes that free and open elections are the foundation of a healthy democracy. Unfortunately restrictive voter ID laws, voter roll purges, and cuts to early voting and polling place locations across this country are stripping away our right to vote. This disproportionately impacts communities of color, the elderly, students and people with disabilities. Senator Maralyn Chase has been fighting to ensure that all eligible Washingtonians are able to participate in the democratic process.


Senator Maralyn Chase is proud to be a sponsor of SB 6353 which establishes automatic voter registration here in Washington state and modernizes our voter registration while also increasing turnout. Senator Maralyn Chase was is also a sponsor of SB 6002 which created the Washington State Voting Rights Act which enhances voter participation and ensures representative and responsive leadership.